Amateur Radio Brotherhood Is Helping Fellow Hams In Ukraine

Bringing the family of Alex, UT5UY, out of a war torn Ukraine was done under the auspices of Amateur Radio, a brotherhood of 3 million people that want to do their utmost in the spirit of goodwill and help their fellow hams, from a suffering nation in need.

Today is a historical and an emotional day. Daniel, Alex’s son, has started school in Finland together with 18 fellow Ukrainian kids and was able to introduce himself using the Finnish language. The main reason behind this special project was to make Daniel smile again and indeed that goal was achieved, especially the moment basketball was mentioned, and Daniel was just one big smile. The smile only diminished for a short moment when Daniel learned that cellphones are not allowed during the school day, but only for Google translating!

Daniel’s teacher, Ms. Tuovi Ronkainen, the former principal of multiple schools but also the Finnish International School in Tirana(ZA) , has decided to return from her retirement and teach this special class. The school has 450 students and was recognized very highly in 2021 when the school organized the regional climate change workshop, with the aim at analyzing this important subject from the student’s perspective.

When Mr. Zelenskyi, the Ukrainian president spoke live to the Finnish Parliament, he specifically asked Finland to be part of the effort to rebuild the educational structure in Ukraine after the war, as he is aware of the high standards of the Finnish educational system.

The Program of International Student Assessment (PISA) ranked Finland as number one in 2021, among the 193 U.N. scored nations.

The group of Project Amateur Radio Goodwill in Ukraine:

Adrian, KO8SCA, Martti, OH2BH, Pasi, OH2MZB, Pekka, OH2TA and Timo, OH5LLR.

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