Do you like working DX as much as I do?

Hi! My name is Bernie McClenny and I was first licensed as a Novice on September 23, 1977 as WB3JRU and have been chasing DX ever since.

If you’re like me, you will never forget your first DX contact. Mine was with Dr. Ernst Kredel, KZ5EK, who lived in the Panama Canal Zone. Would you believe I worked my first 100 countries as a Novice and was featured in an article in the February 1980 issue of QST?

Over the years, I upgraded one license class at a time until I finally mastered the Extra Class exam. You may have worked me at some time as I have been extraordinarily active. My various callsigns have included WB3JRU, WR3E and now W3UR.

During the years, I have worked and confirmed all countries on SSB and all countries except North Korea, P5, on CW.

While waiting for North Korea I chase band countries for the DXCC Challenge,  Islands on the Air and operate in a number of contests each year both as a single operator and as a member of the W3LPL gang.

The Daily DX will draw from my personal experience as well as that of many DX friends who have volunteered to assist me in the effort to produce the finest, most up-to-date DX information available. You can be part of this DX information network simply by sending DX reports to my e-mail address. Those who contribute will be recognized for their participation in the newsletter.