5H3MG 5H3PM VU2TS and 4U1ITU pirate activity

Hello Amateur Radio operators around the world.

Please feel free to disseminate this information to all of your Amateur Radio friends, clubs, newsletters and social media. For more than a year now an Amateur Radio operator from Southern Europe has been pirating the following calls on CW. It started off with VU2TS, but only on CW. Then he was switching between VU2TS and 4U1ITU, when the club was using 4U1WRC, again CW only. Next he began using 5H3PM, CW only. The pirate has now recently switched over to 5H3MG again CW only.

I have confirmed with Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA) that both 5H3 calls are not currently registered calls. The signals are clearly coming from Southern Europe. You can see his typical operating pattern at http://www.dxsummit.fi/#/history?dx_calls=5H3PM,5H3MG&limit=1000&from_time=791553660&to_time=1502972160. Let me also say that QSL cards for 4U1ITU can only legitimately now be confirmed by the club (no manager) – http://life.itu.int/radioclub/

Surely someone from Southern Europe knows who is doing this and can help put an end to this.

Thank you
Bernie, W3UR

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