Z60A – Kosovo – Update January 25, 2018

Kosovo January 25, 2018


It is surprisingly cold in Kosovo as temperatures are running record low for this week – today it was minus 13 C (8F).  The group is in good spirits and keeping Z60A activated as much as they can with their other duties. Another challenging issue is a noise that arise at dark when hundreds of lights come on – increasing in number are those noisy LED lights now penetrating the market. Nothing we can do about those other than suffering with up to S8 noise.

But as our U.S and Canadian reps; Jim, K9JF and Sandro, VE7NY, arrive they will hopefully be able to pull out their familiar call signs out the noise. Patience is needed as we are not able to move the party-location and the SHRAK HQ to more suitable noise free place.

More bands will be added for the weekend and among them 160M and 17M. The team will be enhanced by K9JF, PB2T, VE7NY, IK0FVC, G3TXF and DL3DXX and others so the firepower will be added after the weekend’s Independence ceremonies, added to the DXCC happiness.

The Internet is very sporadic thus the Club Log uploads can be delayed up to 24-hours.

Best wishes from the Republic of Kosovo.
Team Z60A

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Please note that S50A and S51F were also members of Z60A team. I spend weekend again in motel Europe near monastery Gracanica, Kosovo on my own. 501 FT8 QSO and some CW from 20 – 160 m were made in two active days with TS-480 and 23 m EFHW. Antenna was extended by 4 m for 160 m quarter-wave. 55 DXCC would be happy. Unfortunately only 4 + 4 USA & VE in the log. Lot of JA on 40 m! ODX OC PY2YP. 73 de Mario, S56A, N1YU, MSc EE retired, ham since 1962
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Z6 is “close” to S5 and its a little difficoult to work it – at least on higher bands. The only periods I can copy them most of the days they are “UP NA NA” !? What does it means for EU? When you are QRZ EU EU ? Everybody has his own way of work, but if the DX-Pedition is announced we all expect DX- Pedition maner of operation!?
Lets give us a chance to work you!
73 Leo

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