ZD9CW Request

In a pileup situation, if I respond to your call with your correct callsign PLEASE PLEASE dont send your callsign again. Rest assured my PC sends the CW that I have typed into the log…. every time.
If you repeat your call again I am triggered to think I have made a mistake in copying your call and you are correcting me.
This can result in:
1. You messing up sending your correct callsign and me logging that or having to query you yet again.
2. Me messing up copying your call and logging an error.
Either way….bad news for you!
Big CW pileups are stressful enough, please don’t add to this by repeating your call if I have sent it correctly.
Once I have given you a report simply reply TU 599…….extra stuff such as RRRRRR, 73 and your callsign again slows things up and frustrates me. Ultimately fewer QSOs can be made in a set time.
73 Steve G4EDG/ZD9CW