Directions for Subscribing to The Daily DX or The Weekly DX via shopping cart

Go to

Click on the item you wish to order (The Daily DX – 1 year, The Daily DX – 6 months or The Weekly DX – 1 year)

Make sure the quantity says 1 (unless you want more) then click on the “Add To Cart” red button.

Next click on “Check Out” button located near top right of page

On the “Check Out” page click either “I would like to place my order without creating an account” or “I am a new

customer and I would like to sign up and create an account”. Then on the red “Continue Checkout” button.

Fill in all your pertinent information and then click on “Continue Checkout” red button

Enter all pertinent information on the “Payment Method” page and click the “Continue Checkout” red button.

Now you are on the Order Confirmation page.  Check to make sure all information is correct.

If everything is correct hit the "Confirm Order" button at the bottom of the page.

That's it your done.